Google Apps Scripts for chemistry


Andrew Lang, Rich Apodaca and Jean-Claude Bradley


  1. Rapid analysis of melting point trends and models using Google Apps Scripts (July 19, 2011 Jean-Claude Bradley) (link )
  2. Practical Tips on using Google Apps Scripts for Chemistry Applications (July 14, 2011 Jean-Claude Bradley) (link )
  3. gChem: Access Predicted and Calculated Chemical Substance Properties in Google Spreadsheets (July 13, 2011 Rich Apodaca) (link )
  4. Google Apps Scripts for an intuitive interface to organic chemistry Open Notebooks (June 18, 2011 Jean-Claude Bradley) (link )
  5. gChem: Convert Names and CAS Numbers to Chemical Structures in Google Spreadsheets (May 31, 2011 Rich Apodaca) (link )
  6. Gadget documentation: ChemDoodle Gadget Interactive HNMR in Google Spreadsheets, TwirlyMol Gadget Interactive 3D Structure.


Please do not edit this sheet - make a copy first. All of the Google Apps Script will be copied automatically. When the sheet opens the following three menu options should appear. If the three menu options do not appear hit the refresh button on your browser and wait a few seconds.
Reaction Planning Template 1 (based on an imine formation reaction UC-EXP269 )
Melting point trend and modeling analysis (description )
Drexel library scripts (Is a compound in the CRC Handbook ?, Get article title from DOI and if it is in the library e-journal catalog)
gChem Gadget Template

Script details

GoogleAppsScripts summary sheet (Details about valid inputs and outputs, creator, type, status and descriptions)