Melting Point Web Services


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  3. The 4-benzyltoluene melting point twist , UsefulChem Blog (Jean-Claude Bradley, June 22, 2011)
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  11. Alfa Aesar melting point data now openly available , UsefulChem Blog (Jean-Claude Bradley, February 21, 2011)
  12. Open melting point integrated into Symyx-Accelrys chemistry drawing software (James Jack)


1. Melting point explorer by name drop-down menu, SMARTS or mp range (link(oru)


2. Given a CSID, provides list of experimental melting points with an option for a predicted value (example(oru), description )


3. Given a CSID, provides list of experimental melting points with an option for a predicted value and an option to curate (example(oru), description )


4. Given a CSID, provides list of experimental melting points with a prediction (example(oru), description ) - note: may take a minute to calculate predicted value.


5. Given a CSID, provides single number averaged experimental melting point - excludes measurements marked as do not use - example (lxsrv7)


6. Given a SMILES, provides a melting point prediction (link, description) - Uses QBD platform provided by Villu Ruussmann.

7. List of entries marked with DONOTUSE (all(oru), example by source )


  1. Collection of all open melting point datasets (index )
  2. Live RDF feed of all meting points.
  3. Top melting point ranges for curation (>=10C) (sheet, description )
  4. Live list of values tagged as "DONOTUSE" (all, specific source - e.g. PhysProp)
  5. Book of 2706 double validated melting point measurements (within 5 C) (Nature Precedings, description )


  1. Model001 - random forest and linear(description)
  2. Model002 - random forest (description)
  3. Model003 - random forest (description)
  4. Model004 - Random Forest Based Melting Point Prediction on a Highly Curated Double Validated Dataset (link, Andrew Lang July 28, 2011 )
  5. Model010 - Get a predicted melting point from CSID (description, example)